Small detail for a hedgehog feeding station

  • Hello!
    i used the laser to add some detail on a hedgehog feeding station i made.
    I cut with the laser a small hedgehog shape to put it on the top of the entrance and the logo of the woodworking shop to be put on the side.
    The hedgehogs where really happy of this feeding station, two adult and three juvenille eat evry night into it.
    The sign of the workshop is made of hazel and the hedgehog shapes is made of alder

    The feeding station

    The entrance

    The logo of the workshop

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @Atthis The box and details are awesome, but where's a picture of the hedgehogs enjoying their custom house ;)

  • Thank you so much @Zax! :)
    I'm using a trail camera to take some fotage of the family...after i edit the video i'll post the link!

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