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  • Hi, maybe someone will tell me what is wrong.. I try to engrave text on wood, and if the text is smth like cursive or handwritten font, i get it engraved with some kind of shadow, it seems like it shifts image a littlle on x axis. I checked the belts, they seem to be good. I tried some samples like circle and square and they seem to be ok. There is no error. I use eleksmaker 2.5w with T2 soft with default parameters, and well.. it doesn't matter if i use diagonal or horizontal scaning. And one more thing.. it seems to have problems with small detailed pictures (tried different resolutions) So in my opinion sometimes it lacks accuracy. Really appreciate id someone has any thoughts. Latter i will ad some photos

  • 0_1524566759628_sample.jpg

    So the main problem is why is the laser making such thing. Maybe someone know what parameters i should use to get the image right?

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    @alius2010 It is a mechanical issue called backlash. T2Laser defaults are more aggressive (although still very reasonable), if you disable bi-directional or enable reduced acceleration you will see it goes away. These are band-aids for the real problem, your belts and/or gantry wheels need adjustment.

    With smaller jobs and higher detail the carriage (laser head) doesn't have time to catch up with the motors as the belts stretch.

  • @Zax Well you might be right. I needed to finish this project so i switched back to elekscam. And somehow i managed to make it right, but when i started with another project latter, i saw machine made a few mistakes on x axis again (it used to do it before i switched to T2) so the mistake laser made was something like shifting the whole picture to right for smth like 0.5 mm. So.. will try to play with belts and wheels.. Just don't quite sure how to calibrate the belt. Sometimes it feels to loose and sometimes too tight. Anybody knows any tricks? I saw the laser carriage wheels were a bit tight so i tired to loosen it.. Does the lubrication help? Cause i don't have any more thoughts how to get rid of this backlash

  • I read in forum about backlash and will try also to ream out the x axis holes. As i remember when assembling the machine i could hardly put a laser carriage on. So bigger holes might loosen the wheels a little :)

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    @alius2010 The carriage should roll smoothly with the belts disconnected, there should be no tight spots or you will have "lost steps" = shift in the engraving. Then connect the belts and adjust correctly, you should then be able to use the full speed and bi-directional mode without backlash issues.

    I do not recommend any lubrication, the plastic wheels do not need it and it just attracts dust build up which adds friction.

  • @Zax Some update. I made a bigger holes in laser carriage acrylic, the one that holds the wheels. As i said it seemed to be too stiff . So after i made holes slightly bigger with a 6 mm drill bit, it started to roll more smoothly on this aluminium. So finally it worked. I have no more problems with backlash. just i need to figure it out how to use T2 soft, because now i use like 10 % of its possibilities :)

  • I have had this problem for the last year and have been through 3 belts.
    I noticed juddering and found the edge of the belt had been rubbing against the aluminium runner. You could actually hear the problem. I have sprayed WD40 where the belt rubs against the runner. Fingers crossed.
    A 5mm belt would probably be better but there doesn't appear to be such a thing.

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