Does anyone know were you can get the black USB board that is inserted into the main board as have found mine to be faulty

  • Have the eleksmaker draw and the usb board worked fine got the Eleksmil
    l delivered Friday last week and been trying to figure out why the usb was not connecting. So replaced with the usb board from my eleks draw and turns out the small board is faulty. So wonder what this board is called to get another.

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @Ashley-Barton Are you talking about the Arduino Nano clone?

    They are available from many places; Amazon, eBay, Banggood or even the local electronics store. Any good quality "Arduino Nano" will work, and most are better than the one Eleks supply. They're around $2 each, the complete (pre-soldered) versions usually have the boot loader installed so you can upload firmware via USB (easiest for most people), if not you can use another Nano or Uno as the "programmer" and install the boot loader using Arduino IDE.

  • Ok Thanks for the help Zax

    Much Appreciated


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