EleksDraw Assembly and Setup for T2Laser

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    @Zax Good job!

    Where have you been two weeks earlier, when I assembled mine? :P But anyway - nice work and thanks! You share will help lot of others.

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    @MuuSer Thanks. Sorry you must have got one of the first shipments, I also have an Egg on order from Banggood but always so slow.

    The official documentation isn't too bad, just a few minor errors and omissions but I thought some more pictures may help people.

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    looks great Zax! Now you just need to add a project picture or two to show what you can do!

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    I need to get some pens that fit, or better yet print a replacement holder. That's the weakest aspect of the machine, it uses gravity to drop the pen (the servo only lifts the pen) so adding weight helps. You also want a pen with a straight barrel or they tend to come loose or aren't straight in the holder, both of which cause irregular results. I've been using a Sharpie to test which works well except when I forgot to put paper under it and wrote on my workbench (oops!). It's OK, it now says "T2Laser".

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    haha that is better than the coaster holder design I burned into my work bench. At least sharpie isnt destructive! (unless its on your tshirt)

  • Hi Zax!
    First off, Thank you for doing this! Would have made my assembly so much easier.
    I received my EleksDraw last Monday and put it together and took it apart several times before I got it functional, there are differences between the kit I received and the one you have described.

    Here are a couple of things I'd like to suggest;

    1. Your parts list is a little different than what I received, specifically the Hex posts, my kit came with 4-M3x8, 4-M3x10, 6-M3x25 and the 4-M3x16x6 standoffs. This was a problem for the Step 5 assembly, the screws were too long to make a perfect fit for the rollers in the carriage. To make it right with the 8mm Hex posts, 14mm screws and 10 mm screws, I had to remove(grind off about 2mm per screw). This made the belt align without rubbing the rails.
    2. The orientation of the motor plugs is essential if you attach the circuit board as soon in the original directions. You assembled yours opposite with the plugs facing up.
    3. When I assembled the carriage, I used a thick book to support it while running the belt around the rollers, it was a little bit of a balancing act , but it made it easier than threading the belt through after the top plate was attached.

    Anyway, thanks again for your work!
    I also purchased your T2Laser software and it is easier to work with than the EleksCAM for me, thank you for that too!

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    Thank you for your support of T2Laser, I'm glad you like it.

    1. That's why I put a note on my general tips page. Based on my experience with their lasers the kits are a little random. I have no rubbing of the belts so at least people will have an idea of what works correctly.

    2. The way I mounted it you can have the motor connectors facing front, rear or outwards. I can see how it would be a problem if the board is the other way. It's probably obvious, but I didn't follow their instructions ;)

    3. I installed the beam earlier than the official instructions as it gives you something to drop the lower plate on while you thread the belts. It made it easy.

    Hopefully it will help others that have yet to build their machines.

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    nice work , pal!!!

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    I received the EleksEgg today. It took around 30 minutes to assemble and I will post a guide soon (such a simple machine).

    It worked with T2Laser without any modifications and I'm happy with my very first test.


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    Wow!looking forward , thx!

  • For EleksDraw from where can I download the grbl code for servo to install in the uno? I over wrote mine and I can't get grbl 1.1f to work with the servo.

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    Here is the UNO EleksROM v3.8 HEX you can use Xloader to upload it to your UNO , and then Send E2 via Gcode sender

    http://OSS.EleksMaker.com/firmware/EleksROM UNO v3.8.hex

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