Assembly Pictures

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    Assembly pictures can be found here:

    If you want to use EleksCAM, once assembled just skip the last page and follow their instructions.

  • @Zax my setup not is ok, i need your comments, hehhe

    Look this image, when i lock the screews the plate deform and dont move the axis, is very hard to movement the bars, if i realease the screws everything move ok.

    0_1493322547598_2017-04-27 16_44_35-IMG_1718.JPG ‎- Fotos.png

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    They don't need to be that tight, just snug, especially those 2 center ones.

    Also make sure you used the correct standoffs, the longer ones are used on the control board (if I remember correctly).

  • @Zax Thanks Zax, i solved my problem.

    Working 100%

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