R.I.P. - My EleksDRAW servo is dead and power button ill :(

  • hi i m adil .kindly send me video link how to set the pen position and gcode setting .pen is not working

  • @MuuSer ..hi plz specify me how to set the servo motor pen setting plz send the video link

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    Sorry @mohammad-adil, I am away from my EleksDraw until Friday. But if you seek even lazily, then you will find all you need in this forum already. Most important - install latest EleksCam, downloaded from this site. Then plug your EleksDRAW via USB, don't switch it on. Connect it with EleksCAM, then in Setting tab click on red button Rst Rom. If that succeed, then choose another red button Select Machine. Click on EleksDRAW. Then click Select Machine once again and click on Servo Mode. After that in same Setting tab set laser ON/OFF value to 60. That is all. Now you can switch on your machine. Enjoy.

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    Prrr. I'm pissed off. Faulty EleksDRAW Mana ruined my sequent job.
    Just power was gone due the faulty power button and came back after few seconds. Of course as Nano still continues, after restoring power it will continue from unpredictable place. :(
    And one thing more - as i wanted to cut that with outline by 5 times, every time it starts to cut, it makes little nasty dot in home coordinates and therefore ruins that job also. You can see it in photo middle and below AS.
    @pledgy had discovered reason of that.
    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE @ElekMaker-Develop-Department fix that bug, as if we use automatic repeating, then it is not possible to use Pledgy's solution...
    But now I abandon my EleksDRAW until BangGood's sends new Mana SE board. :(

    Seems that it not starts from unpredictable place after power restoring. It starts from Home...

  • @MuuSer If you are handy with a soldering iron you could bridge across the switch and just unplug the mains power to turn off, not ideal but would keep you going till your new board arrives. I don't use the switch on the board much as in the UK most sockets have switches on so its easy to use that. What feed rate are you using to cut through I am going to give that a try looks good is it 3mm ply?

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    Yes - I'm handy with a soldering, I already resoldered that switch, but it is not bad soldering, it is bad switch and unfortunately I live in Estonia quite abandoned place so quick acquire new one is hard task. But yes - just shortening it and use just plug to give power is good idea.
    That already cut made with 5.5W 100% and speed 1000 with three times, but third time was overkill as burned deeply to base. But with two round it not cut through correctly. So I thought that 5 times with speed 2000 will get also cleaner result, but after second round power was gone. :)
    And that engraving was made with 10% power and 3000 mm/min speed and it is nice and deep enough.

  • @MuuSer Thanks I have got a 2.5w so I will have to do a few more passes. I might have to get a bigger laser I am going to have a go at building something like the Eleksdraw but using the D wheels like the Elekslaser uses instead of the linear bearings so I could put one on there.

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    Finally! Thanks Banggood. I got replacement servo and Mana board today. So - it take two months. Is it too long time or not, I don't know, but at least they arrived and life goes on... :)

  • Mine did the same so got one for GB pounds sorted 2.95

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