[Bug solution] EleksCAM PicCarve didn't draw after unexpected stop of the computer

  • During PicCarve drawing my computer fell asleep and EleksDraw stopped making the drawing, with the pen down.
    After I woke the computer from sleep mode EleksDraw ceased to draw when pen down. More specifically, plotter stops executing the XY route if the pen is omitted, in fact it only carried it from the beginning of one curve to the beginning of another curve and set points there, whithout drawing curves itself.

    Restart, reinstall, reflash, move plotter to different computer — nothing helped. Have read forum, met several similar problems with no solutions. The only thing that I didn't do was moving the pen manually because I don't want to lose precise calibration and half of my work.
    In the end I solved the problem very simple:
    In manual mode, dropped the pen (Laser OFF), pushed for 1 Y, back 1 Y, picked up the pen (Laser ON). PicCarve then returns the ability to draw SVG. Apparently after this action some program flag has returned to the default state.

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