How to connect Motors to the board ?

  • Hello
    I am a total beginner... sorry for my newbie's questions !
    I'm searching for detailed informations about the EleksMill and the EleksMana ...

    For instance, in the wiki to build the EleksMill, I can't see any advice on wiring and connexion from board to motors.
    Where can I find it ?

    I have assembled the whole structure and now, I have to plug the motors on the board but I don't undestand why there are 2 Y-Axis ? (Y1 Axis / Y2 Axis)

    What is the "Servo port" ?

    What does it mean the code "B-B+A-A+.."?

    How can I use the Bluetooth port ?

    alt text

    Help, I need somebody
    Help, not just anybody
    Help, you know I need someone

    Where can I find tutorials, informations, support ?

  • ElekMaker Develop Department

    just plug the motor line into the correct port, x motor to X Axis , y motor to Y Axis.

    pls ignore the A+ A- B+ B- , if you are using eleksmill , you dont need to connect server board.

    Bluetooth is a stand alone module , we will sell it soon.

  • @EleksMaker-Z : Thanks for your response !

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