X axe only move to the right

  • Hi,

    Sorry I'm a French girl and a very beginner :)

    So I have an eleksmill everythings works well .... with one exception
    my X axe only move to the right ( X + ) when I press X- it moves to the right, when I press X + it moves to the right

    I tried reverse X , it doesn't work, I tried to change $3 value on UGS, it doesn't work

    Can someone help me please ? :)

    Thank youuu

  • Bonsoir,

    Vous avez toujours ce problème et ça l'a toujours fait ? le firmware (grbl 1.1 ou 0.9) est il adapté pour version de UGS ?
    Postez en txt votre config de grbl...


  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @coralie-Fr It sounds like a broken cable or bad motor driver, you can test by swapping the cables at the Mana board - if the fault moves you know it's the cable if not it's likely the stepper driver. Then swap the stepper drivers and make sure it follows.

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