T2 Laser Question: How To FIll Shapes Faster

  • Hey All!

    I am trying to figure out to fill in shapes and letters faster. Right now EleksCam tries to slow fill line by line horizontally. I am looking to fill like the axiDraw does in this video. Right about 18 seconds in.. Should I use Inkscape or something? Sorry n00b here.

    https://youtu.be/5492ZjivAQ0?t=20 << Video

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @Chase-Woodhams T2Laser calls it Hatch Mode.

    Enable Sketch (Hatch) on the Mode menu, and I also recommend using DXF Optimizer so both the design and hatch is performed as quickly as possible - the downside is it can be a slow process on larger or detailed jobs.

    This works for raster to vector, DXF and Sketch drawings.

    You can set the distance between them, and the style (horizontal, vertical, angled either direction, and cross hatch as square or diamond).

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