Using the eleskmaker with t2 as a CNC cutter.

  • Hello,
    So i have geometrical figures i need to cut out with a precise size on a 3mm thick PP cases. I'm using a 5.5w laser.
    Right now i cut through it with 8 pass at 200mm
    Example a perfect circle is easy to draw but less to cut out exactly where i want. Things get tougher when i want to cut out a rectangle with rounded edges .
    The actual solution is to draw a picture with proper proportions on a CAD program then export it as an image and import it into T2 laser So what solution can i use to get the right size of the cut out? Is it possible to say tho the laser to cut out a circles : cut circle with Radius 13mm and off it goes using the center point you just gave it as ref?
    Thanks for reading
    any advice is welcome

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @znourf If you want precision, don't use raster images and then trace them back to vector - import a vector (DXF) and it will be accurate. See my samples in the Help menu, they were created in TurboCAD but you can do the same in any program that accurately saves DXF files.

    The only "difference" will be the kerf of the laser, so 10mm would be 10mm minus the kerf which is around 0.16mm. If you need to adjust this, add an outline (contour) in the CAD software to make it 10.16mm and it will be perfect.

  • yes sure so if i want to cut out a hole i need to take away the kerf. looks like i'm going to have to go back to using cathia and solidworks :/ got the headache just thinking about it.
    Thanks @Zax

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @znourf Generally the laser kerf is so small it won't be a factor, so machining on center is OK. In the future maybe Grbl will support offset machining but that wouldn't be possible on a Nano due to memory.

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