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  • I was very excited to see my clock arrive in the post this morning, but excitement soon turned to disappointment, the kit looks fine, there's a little card in the pack saying go to the Eleksmaker site to download instructions and software etc. that's as far as i can get. I cant download the video instructions as either my surface pro 4 or my iPhone x will not support the video. also i cannot seem to download the software! in this day and age why have you not sorted enough of this project out so that a simple link is needed to achieve both paths that you need to complete this project! awaiting a reply, not hopeful as yet do to looking in the forums already and seeing 3 day old inquiries that have not been answered!

  • ElekMaker Develop Department

    hi , i am sry for your experience.

    you can download the EleksTube Software and read corresponding instructionsfrom here:

    DownLoad EleksTube Windows Version

    DownLoad EleksTube Mac OS Version

    And , The assembly instructions and videos of the spare parts are being tightened up and will be online in a few days(both wiki and youtube). Sorry about the delay.

  • I've built the clock without the instructions, tried to load the software but it says not to trust the software I did ignore that but it still will not load and cannot interact with the clock, the clock is functioning nut seems to be running fast and is also the incorrect time, so unless I can connect it is useless to me!

  • @Gary2203 managed to get it working in the end, all looks good, do you have any plans on putting the date onto the clock in the future?

  • I have just received my pre-assembled unit. Plugged it in and it was only out by a few minutes. Downloaded the appropriate software and reset the time and all is good. I am really impressed with how it looks.

  • @Gary2203 If you didn't already do so, you need to go into the subdirectory of the supplied software inswtall package and execute the file USBBridgeSetup_CA.exe.
    Then go into Device Manager, check what port it's using and set that in the software when you run it.

    Assumes Windows Version.

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