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    What?!?! thats neat! never would have thought to melt a car mat!

  • @nottingham82 It works well I was very happy how sharp it came out but you do have to be careful not to burn right through the carpet. I passed to make a Change and before I could type m5 to turn laser off it had made a big hole. Now I am using grbl 1.1 with m4 to turn on laser and it turns it off when you pause or stop it which is very nice but if you forget and do a manual g1 feed move after without an m5 the laser will come back on which can catch you out ie burn a nice line on whatever the machine is sitting on.

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    That's great! Very nice custom mats.

    M4 is dynamic laser power mode, so when stopped it automatically selects power 0. Not really the correct usage but it works. Well done.

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