[ISSUE] Stepper motors only run on x axis

  • Hi all,
    I assembled my Eleksdraw last weekend and have loaded up the drivers and software with no issue.
    However, when I try and jog the machine, the pen holder only move on the x axis regardless of whether I press the x or y movement buttons.

    I've tried jogging it in Elekscam, T2laser and lasergrbl and the all have the same issue, so my suspicion is that it's a hardware issue with either the stepper motors or the board. Does anyone have any thoughts on how to solve this issue?

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @Neosora The EleksDraw is a CoreXY machine, so both motors and drivers are used for straight moves (on X or Y axis). If it’s moving diagonal then it could be a firmware or motor issue.

    In T2Laser you can easily set the firmware correctly, so if you did that, you can rule out settings.

  • @Zax ok, I'll try setting up the firmware on t2laser, at least that way I can see if it's software.

  • Update - I noticed one of the stepper motors was having trouble moving in one direction (hence the lack of y axis movement). When I took off the belt, the drive gear on the issue motor fell off. Turns out the grub screw holding the drive gear wasn't on tight enough and was slipping around the stepper motor shaft. Now that it's on properly the unit works like a charm!

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