Maximum laser temperature

  • Hi, I have a 2.5 watt laser and have fitted a thermocouple to the side of the heat sink with thermal compound. I can see the temperature rise as I engrave, while testing a job taking about 5 minutes to engrave I measured a temperature of about 45 centigrade (on the heat sink, I assume the laser diode will be hotter) What is the maximum safe temperature before I need to pause the job and let it cool down?

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @ztf 50°C is the rated maximum but with heat sink and fan you should not have any problem engraving (where the laser is not always at full power). I have run my 2.5W for over 12 hours on many jobs with no issues.

    If you are cutting at constant full power then yes temperature is a concern, 10~15 minutes is usually my maximum and then I use the cool down option. In T2Laser it currently allows a cool down between passes and soon I will add a time based option.

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