Different pens test

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    It's on my list but I haven't decided the best way to implement it. The easiest would be to use DXF or PLT colors to select the pen. If you have any suggestions please let me know.

  • Is it possible to adjust the pressure of the roller ball pen? I would like to use an inkless pen to score origami paper.

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    There is no pressure, it is gravity. You can simply add weight to make it score the paper. I used the same method for vinyl cutting with drag knife.

    I don't know how much you can add before the servo won't lift it, but if needed you could replace the servo with a stronger one.

  • @Zax I might also use the laser to cut dots into the paper, which would be like scoring. Do you think that would work?

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    Yes, that would work but the laser will burn the edges compared to a drag knife or scoring tool which won't.

  • @Zax said in Different pens test:

    . I used the same method for vinyl cutting with drag knife.

    @Zax You should totally do a post on that. How do you spin the drag knife? Doesnt it end up creating awkward cuts in corners and sharp edges otherwise?

  • Just as an FYI I have added a sprung loaded pen holder to the A3 laser with additional Z axis and works like a charm as a pen plotter using Zax's T2 software in CNC mode! Just in the process of making a 1Mtr x 0.5Mtr version.

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    @vijayanands It wouldn't work well for really small text but seems adequate for most jobs. The drag knife point is slightly behind the center so it spins/swivels on it's own. A tangential cutter is where you use an axis to rotate the knife, these are obviously the best for small quality and easier weeding.

  • @Zax Would love to see a picture / video of that if you can. Im trying to see what all I can do with this Gantry. So far it seems to be pens, laser, and I guess with the Z axis a bit of CNC (though the weight of it, bothers me), but the vinyl cutting seems to be a good option. I saw this rotating pen on Amazon the other day - comes in the shape of a pen, and i guess it has a simple motor with a blade attached, and they are using it for cutting stencils - im guessing it can cut vinyl and paper as well.

  • @DavidF The spring makes obvious sense and I ordered for some springs two weeks ago, cause i felt at times gravity was failing and the rig wasnt lowering smoothly as it possibly should. One of the pens that I have also needs a little bit of pressure for the ink to release and the spring seemed like a good idea.

    I have a 1mtr x 1 mtr setup. It works, but does take up a lot of space. Now that I know it works, Im probably going to get the set of work (for which i needed this setup done) and go back to the A3 size, since it can sit on my workspace and not hog half the space :)

  • @vijayanands Yes, it's big, but I do a lot of custom woodwork and have always wanted to be able to draw full size templates. So having an A0 (I went bigger in the end to 1200 x 850mm) size pen plotter and laser is fantastic. I can draw the plans then even cut 4mm plywood for curved templates for routing. Getting to be a very useful tool now. Just got to build a cabinet now.

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    @vijayanands I did post some pictures here a while back, maybe lost when the forum got hacked. I used the drag knife holder from my vinyl cutter, you can purchase them from Banggood.

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