Laser stays on during travel to next start point.

  • Greetings, appreciate your time!

    Been using T2laser without any problems. Suddenly the laser has become sloppy and stays on during travel to the next start point. If this was 3d printing I'd think it was a retraction issue if laser was the filament. =p

    I'm using a KKmoon EleksMaker EleksMana XYZ 3 Axis Stepper Motor Driver Controller w/ a lx-Nano flashed with grbl 1.1e.

    Using a 5500MW 5.5W laser with a 12v 5a power supply.

    Any ideas? Was working perfectly and changed nothing..

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @azninja250 That's weird if nothing changed, you didn't use other software that screws with the Grbl parameters? If so use the reset or reload Grbl parameters option in T2Laser.

    If you have a volt meter you could check the TTL signal (D11) to see if it's near 0V when laser should be off, if not, and it's less than 2V you could add a pull down resistor as long as it still goes on when it's supposed to. That would be a sign that either the board or Nano has an issue.

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