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  • I have been using ArtCam for my mill since I bought it, and it's pretty much my go-to at this moment for anything on the mill. However, Windows recently "updated" and removed the entire program and associated files that came with it when I downloaded it. (Going as far to not even showing the files in Windows.old -.-)
    I can imagine I can just re-download the zip file from the Banggood page the kit is sold on, but I was hoping that maybe someone could pin the files up above in this subforum, or make a subforum for ArtCam2008 completely so we can share not just the program, but maybe also share the 3d grayscale relief images we make with others(?) Food for thought.

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  • Thanks. I saw the thread there before but not the download link. :p

  • EleksMaker CEO

    Before because I forgot to upload :expressionless:

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    This post is deleted!

  • there is a free version of artcam 2017 - but it is 2d only, so you can try and learn, the full version is $360 per year USD.
    that for a table top educational toy which I have, is too much, in my opinion. If I use the 2008 version and find it useful enough to upgrade to a larger mill, and am using this to make money, then it would be proper to also pay and get the full current version.

    there is also several free programs that I will be trying out. well, for me it is all about the education at this point.

    thanks to Eleksmaker

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