Clock runs too fast

  • I am fine with a hardware fix as well. Such a nice item, happy to pay to improve the accuracy. Please provide the information on how to obtain and install the hardware fix once it becomes available.

  • I have the same issue and also prefer the hardware fix.

  • Hardware fix for me, too..

  • Any update on the availability of a hardware fix?

  • $10 Hardware fix is fine for me.

  • @EleksMaker-Z Happy for a $10 FIX

  • Update on fix? ^_^

  • While we wait for a hardware fix. I have developed an Arduino sketch that utilizes the inexpensive ESP-12F 8266 self contained MCU.

    The Arduino sketch has the following features:

    1.) Utilizes WiFiManager to setup an Access Point the first time the program is run.
    2.) Displays the Access Point IP address on the clock display and waits for the user to connect to the AP and add an SSID to the configuration.
    3.) Automatically determines your time zone based on your internet IP address.
    4.) Uses the time zone information to determine your offset from UTC.
    5.) Uses the time zone information to determine DST details - DST start, DST end and current DST status - either on or off. Uitilizes this information to automatically switch DST offset from UTC when DST changes occur.
    6.) Utilizes OTA (Over The Air) update capabilities of the ESP 8266 module to allow sketch updates after the module is installed in the belly of the clock.

    Only four wires are required from the EleksTube serial interface to the ESP-12F module. Power (+ and -) connected to the micro-usb input of the ESP-12F and serial transmit and receive.

    0_1540308047032_20181020_142925.jpg |upright=0.25


    The first time the sketch boots the WiFiManager requires a SSID to connect to a valid WiFi network. The EleksTube will display the IP address of the temporary access point that is setup to allow you to connect to the ESP-12F to set your WiFi SSID and password required to connect to your network.

    YouTube Video - AP Address display

    The default IP address is Utilizing your smartphone or Wifi capable computer, connect to the open "EleksTube" AP.


    Then navigate with your browser to the AP ip address


    Configure the Wifi appropriately and save your setting. The temporary access point will be turned off and not be re-enabled until the SSID you configured is not found.

    The sketch will now connect to your Wifi with the credentials provided and determine your IP address. The IP address is used to determine your location and subsequent UTC offset and DST requirements. The NTP server will be contacted every 10 minutes to maintain an accurate time reference. The EleksTube will be updated every 1 second. The RTC in the EleksTube is update on power up and on DST changes.

    Before using the sketch you must obtain a free API key from and also generate a MD5 hash of a password to be used for OTA updates to the ESP-12F.

    The sketch for the this project is located at GitHub - EleksTube - Wifi NTP clock update

  • ElekMaker Develop Department

    @ib134866 nice!

  • Any updates on this clock? Mine runs fast, can't display 12h time unless it's connected to my PC with the program connected to it.

    I like the Arduino solutions, has all the features I would like. But, I think this solution may be beyond my skill set.

  • @EleksMaker-Z

    What's the status of the hardware fix. Is it available yet?

  • ElekMaker Develop Department

    is available , if you need the hardware fix , pls email to and with your KS order , we will help you to get new board.

  • Received the new board the other day. I can confirm that the hardware fix for the drifting clock is working perfectly.
    Well done EleksMaker!

    Thank you

  • I emailed them over a week ago, and have not heard back from them. It's a shame that such a nice looking clock does not work. Mine runes extremely fast, and has limitations on 12/24 hour time and limits on which color patterns can be displaced.

    How can I get a replacement board that others had mentioned?


  • ElekMaker Develop Department

    @Sportster sry, we will check today

  • I contacted them about the boards on the 2nd, they took my address but nothing yet. I imagine that even if they shipped already it may take a bit to arrive but I don't know if anything has shipped yet or not.

  • @EleksMaker-Z Please check for my email too.

  • @EleksMaker-Z

    I emailed a couple of weeks ago but - like others - no response!

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