Grbl Settings for Eleksmaker A3 Pro

  • So I updated my Eleksmaker A3 Pro laser with Grbl v1.1 to use with LaserWeb software. Very nice, cross platform solution, have a look at: I use it to lasercut from Mac OSX, which I could not do with EleksCAM software.

    I just wanted to post here the GRBL setting I used, in case someone (like me) is interested. These values were determined experimentally, and could be far from perfect:
    $32 = 1 -- Need to be set to enable Laser mode.
    $100 = 81
    $101 = 81
    $110 = 1000
    $111 = 1000
    $120 = 100
    $121 = 100

    The acceleration and speed seems very close to the original EleksCAM settings.

    Hope this helps someone!

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