Beautiful! Some questions and suggestions

  • Just received my fully-assembled 4-bit bamboo Elekstube clock, and I must say, it is beautiful! I found that by setting a custom color of Red: 64, Green: 32, Blue: 0, it looks like a good approximation of old nixie tubes and isn't too bright.

    I successfully installed the software and driver on my Win7 machine and can successfully connect to the device.

    As others have pointed out, I am a bit disappointed we have no AM/PM option, only military time (24-hour time). When will that be fixed? That really should have been working before it shipped.

    Here's an idea: Let us set the colors according to the hour. So, 24 different colors, one for each hour. That way we can set very bright colors during the daylight, but dim colors at night. We could also set different AM/PM colors that way, which would be useful once we can turn off military 24H time and go to 12H AM/PM.

    Also, are we going to get more control over colors and color cycling? Unless I'm missing something, the option only seems to be to set each digit at one fixed color, or all of them to one fixed color at once. I would like the ability to set and control some kind of color cycling: the color range that gets cycled, how fast, etc.

    As someone else mentioned, it might also be nice to assign a different color for every digit (0-9).

    We need some solid documentation on what the heck those three buttons on the bottom do. I spent quite a bit of time fumbling with them trying to set the clock before I realized I had to hook it up to the PC.

    In any case, it sure is good to look at! I am going to search online for a right-angle micro-USB adaptor, so I can run the power cable from the back instead of sticking out the side, so it looks better on my mantle. I'm using an old cellphone charger for power and that seems to be good. I'll have to keep track and see if the time is running fast like some are reporting.

  • ElekMaker Develop Department

    hi , thanks for support!

    the AM/PM will fix when next firmware update.

    the 3 button can be use for mode change.

    hold the second button until it become blue and all tube show num1

    press the left/right button once, the num will change from 1 to 5

    then hold the second button for a while , the mode will be change

    and the next version software, you can change mode thought PC

    best regards ,
    EleksMaker Z

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