Separate cutting rate for raster and vector

  • Hi Zax, I have been playing with trace on an image where I need to engrave the inner raster and then cut through an outline. The outline is a single line 1 pixel thick. Can you set a different speed for the engraving and the cut? I have played with the engraving and vector speeds in the main menu, but the calculated time is the same whether I put 2000, 200, 3000. Or 2000, 2000, 3000. Is this the right place to do this, or is it just the the theoretical time that isn't calculated for a mixed speed job?

    Thanks very much


  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @DavidF Yes, you can set separate raster and vector feed rates. It may not estimate the time correctly.

    You should be using Sketch Plus and tracing the outline so it becomes vector.

  • Hi Zax, yes, I am using sketch+ overlay. The simulation looks right, it engraves, then cuts the outline. It was just that I was not seeing a difference in the time so assumed I was missing a step. Best way is to try it for real when I'll do when I get back from my travels.



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