DXF Scaling Inkscape to T2

  • I am having issues with getting my inkscape dxf to have the correct scaling when imported into t2. I followed the guide posted by Zax in reply to a similar issue. My canvas is set to 150x100mm. The display units are set to mm, the size units are mm, and the scaling is set to 1.0. I save the file as a dxf, units are set to px. When i import into t2, the scaling is way off at 105.9x272.9, yet the text in the dxf looks proportional to the original

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  • I had a similar problem and found that I had to set all the inkscape units, including in the save as dialog, to mm. Then it all came in to T2 perfectly. I was editing an existing dxf from a cad system in inkscape and that may have been why the px setting didn't work, but maybe worth a try.



  • yup Zax, i was following that pdf to the letter (at least i think i was), i tried 3 different files, and each time carefully checking that all the units and settings matched the screen shots you gave. As a last ditch attempt before i went to bed i used mm instead of px and the scaling looked at least much closer if not bang on. Not sure where i went wrong, but it was late, i will review my setting later and report back.

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    @reflector36 It's possible they fixed the bug in Inkscape that required my workaround using px instead of mm for the export. I will download the latest version and check.

  • @Zax maybe, cause it worked very well for me to use mm as the export unit, thanks for the help

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