Possible to use Z axis for Pen in T2?

  • Probably a daft question but needs to be asked before I buy the draw module, if I could add a pen holder to the Z axis, is there any control in T2 to lift the Z axis at the end of a line, similar to switching off the laser? I am guessing that the response will be slower than the servo output talked about elsewhere here, but as I will have a Z axis for cutting soon, I thought it might be a way to draw as well. CNC mode perhaps?? Anyway, just tell me to get the draw module if that's the best best way...



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    @DavidF Yes you can do that, T2Laser supports either the servo or Z-axis motor and will send the appropriate Z-up and down commands.

    If using a Z-axis for the pen, use a floating holder (weight based) similar to what you would use for a drag knife plotter. Incidentally you can use that to cut vinyl as I demonstrated with the EleksDraw.

  • Thanks Zax, What setup needs doing for that? Do I need to be in CNC mode, or reconfigure any firmware? The Z axis will go on the 3rd motor control output when cutting, but not sure when to use CNC mode. Any bullet points on setting up the z axis for cutting in steps and / or adding a pen would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for the quick response as always.


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    @DavidF If you want Z-axis control you must be in CNC mode, the servo pen uses the "laser" PWM output so it works differently.

    The CNC mode quick guide on my website explains the various options, here's a direct link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/awt7ru3vsz8btpm/T2Laser_CNC2.pdf?dl=0

    I would set Z-safe to be 1~2 mm above the surface so the pen doesn't drag and then use Z-down of 5mm (with the floating method I recommended).

    For cutting, where you need Z-steps, just set the total cut depth for the entire job and then set the # of passes needed and enable depth / pass option. So if you cut 10mm in 5 passes, each will automatically be 2mm.

  • Thanks Zax, I'll download that once I am back home. Dropbox blocked in China!



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