No Data Generated? - how to fix?

  • I followed the instruction here to put it together, the only thing I cant get to work is when I open an image and choose Outline and Generate. It ends up telling me "No data generated" I did try starting the program with admin privilage but still does not work. I am using Windows 10 64-bit. I also found this on youtube but it did still not work.

    0_1536321615059_Skärmbild (21).png

    1_1536321615059_Skärmbild (22).png

    2_1536321615059_Skärmbild (23).png

    3_1536321615059_Skärmbild (24).png

  • The only way I can get it to work is to do the task in inkscape then import in eleksdraws program.

  • You should check out T2Laser from @Zax
    He made that software and I prefer it way more than EleksCAM. One reason is that EleksCAM is too buggy for my taste. You can download the software at . You can test it in the trial version and see if it works for you and if you like the features. It stops after 30minutes without a warning and cannot do more than 10000 lines of GCode in the trial version but that is more than enough to test it. As I said before. EleksCAM just sucks to be honest..
    Kinds regards


  • Its a little bit sad that I have to buy a program just to get everything to work. I don't got so mutch money right now, but I will give it a try.

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