EleksDraw - write full A4? How?

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    In Inkscape...I am following the install tutorial here and it wants me to change the Dokument Properties to 100x100mm in inkscape. Can I use the regular A4? 210x297mm?

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    If that can be used, what "Pulse" and "Accel" should I change to in EleksCam (for a A4)? Cause when I have don't change the settings when importing gcode it writes smaller than 100mm. What should I set this up to?

    0_1536320970896_Skärmbild (19).png

    Also. when importing a gcode for writing, where should I put the "Set Home" and should I change center to something else like Left Bottom? And where should it be when starting? (is the image above right?)

  • Still no one who can help? I need to do this kind of soon.

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @colorizing I'm not sure if this is an Inkscape question or something to do with the EleksCAM software you are using?

    When can't you just select a larger size, what doesn't work?

    I can only speak for my T2Laser software but the document size isn't important only the final artwork you load.

  • I use the eleksdraw's software and use it in center. What happens is that it starts at different places on the paper when writing.

    So it "derail" (sorry I don't know a better word, I'm swedish) because it tries to paint where the arm is not enough to reach, so it sounds awefull with the wheel and as it continues, the rest of the image will be shifted.

  • After long time, I think I got it to work...kind off. It is set as center but I have it like the other picture. Then I used 300x300 and 300x300 in elekscam. But I need to set inside 2 cm from the a4 in inkscape to work. :)

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