Image alignment issue in T2 and benbox

  • Been trying to figure out why some of my images are not lasering properly. We have saved them in PNG JPG and BMP file formats, changed settings Benbox and T2 as well as dpi. I currently use Photoshop as my primary image program, could this be the issue? Really need help please!! TIA
    0_1536925475756_IMG_3547.jpeg 0_1536925504975_IMG_3548.jpeg

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @Jethro It looks like you are losing steps, most likely due to friction. What firmware are you using? Have you checked the motor current?

  • Thanks for your quick response the fault keeps occurring in the same place each time no matter where the X and Y axis is located the firmware is the LX.HEX I think from Benbox setup although I just purchased T2 laser the other day. what motor current would be ideal im only using for engraving

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @Jethro If you are using T2Laser, use my firmware. The performance is much better and you get additional features.

    The X driver should be 0.3~0.35V and the Y driver 0.6~0.7V .

  • hi zax have tried the above and discovered that it seems to be the design software. I'm using photoshop and have tried saving the format in several different ways but still has the same problem. The firmware is GRBL1.1

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @Jethro In T2Laser you can see the design both loaded and the generated G-code in the simulation "view" screen, you will get exactly what is shown. So if it's wrong then yes it's a design issue.

  • Jethro, just a thought that you can try as a last resort. I had a similar issue on my A5, I couldn't get it to burn a perfect circle, the ends would never meet and figures would have a distinct pattern anomaly across them. I also noticed that if I moved the laser by hand, it felt like there was a bump in the rail or a flat spot on the wheels. It turned out that I had one of my belts too tight. Once I loosened it just a tad, everything began working much better. It's the simple things that drive me crazy.

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