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  • I have downloaded the T2 software and it is way way way better than the default however I have a question regarding centering/aligning when using the engraving setting. I have an image which is 300mm wide and 165 high but I want to put it on to a piece of material 300 x 200mm. I have been playing with the workpiece origin in the machine control but I am struggling to get it to trace/align correctly. Is there a way to set the workpiece size and then center the image that is going to be engraved ? I am concerned I will be spending alot of time aligning my material when the really simple option would be to set the workpiece size and then either work from an offset origin position bottom left or centre everything. I have attached an image to describe what I am talking about the blue is my material and the green is the engraving


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    @grant-gibson There are several ways to do this.

    You could use center start position and put the laser in the middle of the material, if you know the size you could set 0,0 on the corner and then move to the center and then set 0,0 again.

    In your example you would just jog over 150 and up 100 to be in the middle of the material, set home and it would be ready to go.

    You could also add a border to the image, or since you are tracing it why not create the vector at the right position so you can use lower left of the material. This would be easy in Inkscape for example.

  • Zax

    Thanks for your reply and again I will re iterate the software is brilliant the reason I was asking was because I want to engrave on to a box lid but have the image centered

    The size of the box lid is the 300 X 200mm whereas the size of the engraved image is 280 X 170mm

    I could indeed bring in an outline which is 300x200 and that's what I did when I was using elekscam

    So what you are saying Is if I check the box then that says center to origin and then set the origin as home ? Or do I set the origin as workpiece origin ?



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    @grant-gibson If you can find the center, then select Center (Start Point) in the settings and then Set Origin (Workpiece) in the center of your item. You would jog to the center and then right click the house "home" icon and your coordinates will change to 0,0.


    I use this for round items as it's difficult to find the lower left corner, but if I want it precise or plan to make multiple items I will load a DXF of the correct size and make a jig from foam. Then you just put the item into the jig, of course I have home switches and use the preset locations for the jigs so it makes it even easier.

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