Eleksdraw machine is not running.

  • My new elecsdraw machine was runed one time. Now eleksdraw machine is not running. Step motor, servo motor are not moving. Software shows the machine and only all lights of machines are growing. Please help me. I do not find any solutions.

  • Mee too :-( The pen holder works Up and down but the Y/X doesnt work.
    In the Control of EleksCam Soft. i can move the server Motors with the Arrows. The Machine doesent move in Automatic Draw mode!! WtF.
    Please need some help to solve it. Thks

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @fonny123 Maybe it's time to evaluate supported software ;) that works!

  • If the software is properly installed, then maybe you need to go to "settings" tab on the left side and do three things; 1) Re-Flash the ROM, 2) Select the correct machine. 3) Make sure that you choose correct mode for a ink pen (Servo Mode) or to use a Laser (Laser Mode). the difference is that the pen needs to use a servo to lift from the page and the laser needs a signal to turn on or off, Both commands use the same G-Codes; S1000 or M03 = Servo Down&Laser On, S0 or M05 = Servo Up&Laser Off. The difference is for which pins on the system board get the signal. This is also a little bit glitchy, because the Laser connections get some transient voltages when the system is in servo mode and also the servo can get some glitches when the system is in laser mode. The other thing you must make certain that you have the unit turn ON power and usb plugged into PC when you start the software. Try those things first.

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