T2Laser Software - Introduction

  • Zax do I need to configure the firmware grbl ?

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    @Zverr90 If you are using my default firmware, Grbl 1.1e it should be configured already.

    Do you get any errors in the message box, which would indicate that Grbl has reported an error or is it just a T2Laser memory fault?

  • Zax I see the missing steps !!! how to fix ?

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    @Zverr90 Sorry I don't understand what you mean, are you talking about a mechanical issue or still a memory error?

  • Zax У меня картинка получается полосами

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    @Zverr90 said in T2Laser Software - Introduction:

    У меня картинка получается полосами

    Google translate doesn't help much with that... I think you are saying the image has stripes in it which would be caused by the laser being focused to a smaller beam than the resolution. Try 0.12 or de-focus the laser a little, it will blend the lines and produce a better image.

  • ok !!!

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    This post is deleted!

  • Hello, I have an Eleksmaker A5 500mW and I'm a beginner. I have loaded the software T2Laser and I am also satisfied, but I have a problem.
    When I send the G code to the laser, the laser also starts, but it burns nothing. He runs the whole picture as if it were lasers, but in the end there is nothing. What am I doing wrong. I've been looking for the error all day. I'm desperate.
    Sorry for my wrong english, i´m from Germany :)
    Greetings Yvonne

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    @Muckiju It sounds like the feed rate is too high, or you need more power.

    Did you load my firmware (Grbl 1.1e) or are you using the Eleks firmware?

    If you are using the Eleks you must change the laser max to 1000 using the laser icon. With my firmware max power is 255, the default value.


    To adjust the feed rate click the icon to the left, the running man and set raster feed rate to 500 and see if it burns.


  • @Zax said in T2Laser Software - Introduction:

    To adjust the feed rate click the icon to the left, the running man and set raster feed rate to 500 and see if it burns.

    The settings I have both tried again, but unfortunately it does not work. I have the software with the setting 255 for maximum laser power. I think that's the one of you.

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    @Muckiju If you loaded my firmware, yes that's correct.

    Have you focused the laser beam to a small dot?

  • Hi again. After some time without using the laser I now have real hardware issues.
    The low-power button on the laser module does not work i.e. it runs the laser on full power making it impossible to focus correctly.
    When trying grayscale sample from t2-laser I actually manage to get a grayscale on some paper by tweaking max laser out to ca 40 out of 255 so grayscale between 0-40 worked for that piece of paper.
    Sometimes though even that I have set the laser max power for vector to 100 it will run for some time at full power and then go down to the correct power. I believe this is a hardware issue but I am now out of warranty from banggood I think... so first reaching out to all of you.
    Is this a "quick fix" on hardware, laser driver module?
    Are there any replacement to just the driver module, the laser seems to work fine.
    Next, the guy with experience: @Zax do you have any suggestion.

    Thanks everyone!

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    what laser do you have? there is a replacement board if you determine your ttl board is faulty.

  • @nottingham82 Looking at the images in the thread you linked to I have the exact same controller board right now SW-LD62 v2.0 and since everything else except low power mode (pressing the button gives full power) I am pretty sure it is the electronics. 0_1509818266887_20171104_175415110_iOS.jpg
    What do you say judging from this image. I should be ok going for the "third-party" spare driver.

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    @Daniel-Wedlund If you follow danowar's tutorial it should work. I havent tried it myself but if I were in your shoes I would do it. It couldnt hurt at this point.

  • This post is deleted!

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    It does sound like bad electronics, but I would still reload the firmware just to be sure.

  • So let me get this straight. I have 15 computers old and new from over the years. We also run a after school childcare program and depending on day I bring down 3d printers etc help the kids build stuff. When they mess up one laptop I just get another till I have time to fix the previous. With the T2Laser software is it correct that the license is only good for one computer and to change computers I have to pay extra? This is not even remotely workable. It is even worse then Simplify3D software, which at least gives 2 computers you can switch between for free. But still annoying.

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    @consaka no there is an option to have it licensed to a thumbdrive. That would probably be the best option for you.

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