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    T2Laser is an alternative paid software (free trial available) to further enhance your machine. You can download it from cnet, softpedia and other major download sites or visit our webpage t2laser.org


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    +1 for T2 software. Its the only way I make smoke! Plus Zax is super helpful and open to improvements suggestions.

  • Works great, never had any problems with his software.Allways runs smooth.

  • +1 as well. I use T2L exclusively. Zax also offers some of the best software support one could ask for.

  • VERY pleased with this software. Worked the 1st time. Almost no tweaking or fiddling with it to make it work. Received my new machine on Friday, built it on Saturday and was engraving on Sunday.

  • @Zax Hi!, what can i do with the trial version?, i mean... wich is the limitance of this in comparision of the full version?

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    The trial is limited to 30 minutes per session, but you can restart and keep testing it (no limit to how many times you use it). It is also limited to 10,000 lines of G-code which is enough for a small engraving. It is otherwise fully functional and has so many more features than other software.

  • Hi again, i tested your software with my A3 elekscam laser engraver and i have a problem, i sent a little design of a "nissan" logo and the result has a some imperfections because a circle have to be around of the logo but the result was another.
    what would be the reason of this problem?
    alt text

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    It is caused by mechanical issues, the default speeds on T2Laser are much faster than EleksCAM or Benbox so if not setup correctly you will have problems. In the Settings menu on Laser Control screen you can choose reduced acceleration and also slow the rapid feed rate to 1000, see if it is improved.0_1491133659619_reduced_accel.jpg

  • @Hector from the image, it looks like the design was too close to the edge of your canvas and the laser carriage was hitting the sides, which resulted in the straight edge of the right side of your design

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    I thought that afterwards too, may be as simple as that but I would have thought he'd noticed ???

  • @Zax Yes me too, but perhaps he just started the job and left, and came back to find it this way?

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    T2Laser features, many of which are unique.


  • Hello Zax, Im reading about your software, and I see it can engrave on gray scale, but I don't know if can do that with an eleks A3 pro.
    Other question... Can I reinstall the firmware from elekscam after install the firmware from T2laser??
    And my last question.... Can cut with T2Laser??

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    T2Laser has 3 methods. The more common PWM (pulse width modulation) where the laser is switched on/off quickly similar to how a dimmer switch works for a lamp, velocity mode where the feed rate is changed to alter the burn and dithered which uses a pattern of dots to simulate grey scale. All work well and have their own advantages / disadvantaged, personally I like velocity mode the best.

    Yes, the firmware I provide is open source Grbl 1.1e/f and the only change is I compile with default settings. You can switch back later.

    T2Laser supports cutting also, including wood grain compensation and multi-pass with optional cool down and much more. The trial is free so give it a go.

  • @Zax
    Hi it since the translation into Polish.
    Tell me how to best your program to quickly engrave a photo. Because I was engraving a photo 20cm for 30cm 30 hours and the program showed me 7.
    Below you have an engraved photo.
    alt text

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    @darek I replied to you on the other forum. The estimate is pretty accurate if you are using my firmware and settings, otherwise it will be different.

  • thanks Zax for your help, I had another question about parameter "laser power" by default is 255, what thats mean?

    Is there a max value?? my laser is a Eleks A3 with a 2,5 W laser power, can you introduce to me about this settings.

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    The Nano microcomputer has 8-bit PWM so you can output a value between 0 and 255.

    0 (zero) means off, 255 means constant on and 127 would be 50% on/off switching. It's how we control the laser power.

    In T2Laser you can set the min and max levels to anything you like, but the standard firmware is 0-255 so that's what I recommend. If you want to use 0-1000 for example you can but you also need to change the Grbl parameter $30 to match the setting in T2Laser. It doesn't give you any more resolution or power, it just maps to 0-255 within the firmware.

  • Nice engraving, what machine do you have? I have an Eleks A3 pro, and I cant use grey scale, It doen't look good, or I don't know how.... newbie mee...

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