aghh mana se v3.1?!

  • soooooo, I was engraving a large piece and my wires got caught in my stepper motor and now the connection on the mana se board that came with the A3 pro is loose and is shorting out when the wire moves on the X axis connection. No big deal right, just ordered a replacement board and should be right back in business. Well nothing ever seems to be that easy, i was sent a (newer?) board that says mana sa v3.1 and its a little longer with an added 12v connection. Didn't think much of it, I transferred all the wires to the new board and even though its longer and doesnt line up with all the screws I screwed two into the baseplate just to hold it so I can get a test run in and was going to see if anyone has a new longer plate on thingiverse later. When I did the test run it started out promising as I jogged the laser left/rigt and up/down and the laser motors responded accordingly. When I loaded a G-code I had saved it got weird. the laser moved normally when it was engraving but it suddenly stopped and went to half speed moving over the blank area and sped back up to normal speed when the laser turned back on for the engraved parts again. The laser is also over burning the edges of the picture and the fill is a light grey when it should be a uniformed burn. Is anyone familiar with this v3.1 board? do I need to change a setting in the T2 or is it a driver issue with this newer or different board? I've googled the mana se v3.1 but only recieved limited info on it. Please help and thanks!!!

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    @tucker298 It sounds like a firmware problem, did you install my default Grbl 1.1e?

  • Yes 1.1e is the default firmware that was working great with my original mana se board

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    @tucker298 If you are using saved G-code that worked before, then the problem must be with the Nano (either firmware, parameters or some faulty hardware).

  • Just to make sure I’m gong about this correctly, I should order another mana SE board and assume this one is faulty? I have no problem doing that, they are cheap but just want to make sure I understand. Thanks for your help!

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    @tucker298 Can you just replace the Nano? The Mana uses a poor quality Chinese version, I usually replace them with a better brand.

  • I’m not 100% sure what that is but I’m a pretty handy person and one heck of a googler, do you have a certain brand of nano you prefer?

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    @tucker298 I've used Geekcreit (Banggood), SainSmart (Amazon, ebay) and HiLetGo (Amazon, Aliexpress) brands. You'll want to check that they use a genuine ATmega328p chip.

  • ok, I've lurked around various websites talking about this and I've ordered a nano that uses a ATmega328p chip. I'm assuming all I have to do is swap chips and load the correct firmware for that nano and I'm good?

    my second question is about a bootloader, I read a little about a bootloader and what it is and does and I don't believe it applies to this scenario but let me know if I'm correct on that.

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    @tucker298 Yes, plug and play. The boot loader should be pre-installed, the only Nano's I've purchased where this wasn't the case were the unsoldered bulk variety (but for less than $1 each I wasn't bothered).

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