Elekslaser A3 Unable to upload firmware

  • I have a new A3 and have been able to make successful burns with Eleksmaker, Lightburn, and T2 earlier today.
    I attempted to use T2 to update the firmware, but received an error during the process. I can still connect to the device (in T2 or Lightburn), but instead of moving the laser as before, the X-axis buttons only move the Y-axis, and only in one direction (toward the rear of the work area. The Y-axis buttons do nothing.
    Attempting to upload the firmware in T2 (to 1.1e default)0_1540681540849_upload-46879c76-f73d-4ad7-9960-2add92d9d376
    or in Elekscam 3.1 fail. Even using Xloader to upload the EleksROM.hex file do not complete.
    I was just getting to enjoy this machine! Any tips on where to start? I'd greatly appreciate any help!


  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @NotABot It sounds like you've installed an incompatible firmware, do you know which one you selected?

    If you can't upload now, then it sounds like the Nano is corrupted. You may be able to fix it by clearing the EEPROM or you can reload the boot loader which will resolve the problem. To do this you need another Arduino device or an AVR programmer.

  • I had selected the 1.1f Laser Axe firmware, thinking that this would enable better control of the unit. It looks like I goofed there, or it apparently just didn't finish the upload.
    I did follow the forums and try to clear the EEPROM or flash another ROM, but each one ends with a "Firmware Upload Error 1/0".
    Unfortunately, I don't have access to another device or a programmer. Is replacing the board my best option? If so, are these boards equivalent?

    Thanks for the help, sorry for my ignorance :/

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @NotABot Yeah sorry to say you "goofed", the LaserAxe is a different controller and loading it's firmware on your Eleks board will result in a bricked machine.

    You don't need a new controller, just replace the Nano. They're a couple of bucks and it's always worth having a spare on hand anyway. The other benefit is you can buy a much better quality version that uses a real ATmega328 microcontroller instead of the fake Chinese copy.

    I can recommend any of these brands, but most others work well too:
    Geekcreit (Banggood)

    While you are ordering a couple of Nano's (a 3 pack at banggood is a good idea) you can also pick up an AVR programmer. I use the USBASP version, most come with a 10 pin connector so you'll need a 10 to 6p adapter or you can find some that come with the correct cable for a Nano.

  • @Zax said in Elekslaser A3 Unable to upload firmware:


    Thanks Zax! Will I need the AVR programmer to initially program the replacement Nano, or will flashing the proper firmware be sufficient?

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @NotABot New Nano’s usually have the bootloader installed so you can just install firmware (the exception is the unsoldered modules).

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