Pic carving, motors do not move. (Solved)

  • In pics carve mode, elekscam generate file. When started, servo goes up and down, as it should, but motors do nothing. Not even buzz. It is as if eleksdraw did't get XY gcode, only Z.
    In any .nc file, Z servo doesn't work.

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    Yes - there is sometimes such a strange behaviour. I experienced it myself few times and so far don't figured it out. Most silly is that, if you try the same thing second or third time, it will work. Sometimes if you disconnect from computer and reconnect again, it works in first attempt. Maybe @EleksMaker-Z can explain that odd behaviour.

    P.S. I hope that your computer decimal symbol is dot, not a comma. Otherwise your described behaviour is sadly common for countries where decimal symbol is comma, not a dot. If so, just change it in your windows regional settings.

  • Thx. Just checked, and there was "," not "." in regional settings. Will try today, hope for the better results =] It should be in faq or something.

    Ed. It works, thx! Now I must find out, why servo don't move with gcode files from incscape.

    Quick test

    Ed.2. Laser? No problem.


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