How do I set this clock?

  • I just assembled this great looking clock and it seems to work fine. I use a Mac and I finally got the software installed and working to, but I can find no way to set the clock. When it first started it was on the correct local time, although I don't know why. I thought that it was controlled by the computer clock, now I'm not sure. Since I have been running it from a wall wart it has gained a little time in about 24 hours. When I hooked it back up to the computer (to change the color) the time did not reset along with the computer clock. I'm facing Daylight savings time change tomorrow and I don't know how to do it on this clock. Will it only be right for half the year?


  • At this point, the only way to set it is to hook it up to a computer and use the software. It's always seemed to sync to my system clock correctly when I hook it up this way, but it might help to make some adjustment (color, mode, etc.), then click on the "Save" button. This should probably be done regularly since the clock has a tendency to run fast (at least, it does in the US), gaining several minutes a week.

  • Thanks for your input. I did that and hooked the clock back up to the computer and when I hit the "start" button the clock synced to the computer clock and everything was fine. from now on I will make it a habit of doing this once a month just to keep the time close to "real time" I also thought I would change the color scheme to match the season, i.e.: reds and greens for christmastime.

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