Circular interpolation

  • Does the EleksDraw firmware interpret the G02 / G03 circular interpolation. So far it has not moved after receiving any G-codes with G02 or G03

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    No. The Eleks firmware is Grbl 0.9i which had errors in the G2/G3 code, change to Grbl 1.1 and you will be able to use these commands.

    Edit: I noticed after I posted that you are asking for the EleksDraw which is a CoreXY machine, getting Grbl 1.1 and CoreXY to play nice is possible but I haven't been able to get those and servo mode to work due to memory restrictions of the Nano. I think it's possible but without the boot loader and maybe dropping homing and some other features from the firmware when compiling.

  • But is not possible to replace the nano clone with a real arduino nano?

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @robypez I'm not sure if this question is related to the original, but yes you can replace the Nano clone with another which of course includes the genuine Arduino.

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