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  • Re: Beautiful! Some questions and suggestions

    I love the clock. took a bit to get the controls working on my computer. i still get error msg- control doesn't load.
    have v6.2 now, but doesnt seem to sync with time. port is connected. i'm afraid to bc i don't want to default to am/pm time.
    my suggestions:
    PLEASE KEEP 24 hr time as option. i REALLY like 24 hr time, and hope this remains a choice.
    also, A DIMMER function would be ideal - lovely colors, but VERY bright in bedroom at night. have to cover the clock!!
    last, but not least in importance-a WRITTEN manual would be SO helpful - with new version - what is RAINBOW, what is WATER, etc.

  • It seems to me the new app AM/PM option only works in normal color mode. If I try waterfall, random, etc. the clock defaults back to 24 hour time.

    I do agree being able to set a time range for it to be dimmer would be great.

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