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    Is it possible to draw in multiple colors e.g a flag , Logo etc ?
    Which type of Pen do I need for drawing ?

    Thank you in advance


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    It is possible to draw in multiple colors , we are writing the instrcution now and will relase before you get that XD

    and if you want to draw at an egg , maybe it need mark pen .etc , or others pen which can draw at smooth surface.

    The Maxium of pen diameter is 10mm



  • Have the instructions been made public yet?

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    Hi, @heedaf
    For me only way to make multicolour drawings, is to use Inkscape enhancement tool from EleksMaker. It seems to be now only way in EleksMaker family to make different layers for draw with different pens.

    Unfortunately making different colour layers with the same size jpg or bmp files did not work for me as drawings are shifted.

    Maybe it works with just svg files. I did not tried it as not all svg files are suitable for correct drawing.

    But yes - i make different G-code files - one for every colour - with Inkscape enhancement tool, check them with Candle and so far so good...

    I haven't found yet good pens for drawing on eggs. In teaser video the drawings are nice and smooth as there are plastic eggs with nice smooth surface, but real eggs are little bit different. :)

    Probably I need some kind of pencils that are not based on water...

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