A lot of problem with DXF file

  • Hi Zax, I spent a lot of money on your program just for the reason that it made me work with DXF files. I can correctly import them from Rhinoceros, but I can not do the correct sketch filled as I am generating a very low quality gcode. When I send it to the Laser, everything seems out of focus. I can not even make a fill with an overlay outline .... another thing, when I go to work a dxf, the laser in some places slows me intermittently even if the drawn line is continuous creating microjunctions. My is an Elekslaser 2.5w with firmware 1.1e loaded by your program. what can I do??!

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @filiqqo I'm a little confused, if you using a DXF (vector) it wouldn't make sense to then fill it to create a image (raster). Why not use an image to begin with?

    There's something wrong if you are getting variation in speed as Grbl supports look ahead motion planning.

    E-mail the DXF to me and the original image if you have one and we will figure out the best way to achieve what you want. If you can send me a picture of the result you are getting that would help me understand if this is a hardware issue or something to do with your file.

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