Calibrating Eleksdraw

  • My EleksDraw unit continues to over extend beyond the axis limits with a nasty grinding sound. I had been led to believe with latest firmware using V2 laser this should not happen, and yet it does.

    How can I set this up so the unit understands the axis limitations?

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @Tristan-Copley-Smith Your machine has no way to know where it is, so even if you set the maximum size (called soft limits) it is still dependent on you setting 0,0 correctly. The only solution is home switches but these won't work with the EleksDraw, at least not easily.

    T2Laser firmware does support homing and this function is enabled in the menu but the physical switches need to be added which on a laser is simple but the EleksDraw is CoreXY and requires servo support so home switches aren't available.

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