No Z Axis in EleksCam Software

  • I can't move my Z-Axis in the software. And so when i try engraving, it drags the bit across the surface. I need it to lift when moving between spots to enfrave.

    Please help!

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @MicMods EleksCAM is for a laser, it doesn't need to lift anything. You need software that supports 3-axis.

    T2Laser supports 2.5D and 3D Z-axis machining as well as rotary axis. It has a safe Z feature to ensure the bit doesn't drag the material. There are other programs available that work with CNC machines.

  • Thanks

    I've purchased this program. However. When i upload an image for engraving it takes my machine to the limits and makes a horrible grinding noise.

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @MicMods There are several ways to see the image size, so you should make sure it is correct.

    1. On the design screen you can press the 'i' key to turn on the information overlay.
    2. On the laser controller you can check the simulation "view" to see the size
    3. You can run the trace frame feature to have the machine show you the perimeter

    If the output size doesn't match what T2Laser shows then your laser needs to be calibrated, you can do this from the menu.

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