Replacement MCU

  • Thanks to ib134866 for his efforts on fixing the time, and cs@eleks for the replacement parts. I got IBs change working but wanted the rainbow effect on the time display and set off to modify the change. But I couldn’t get it to work reliably. I believe it’s a limitation in the clock’s API & serial interface. This is my first ESP8266 (or Arduino) and the device itself seemed pretty capable so in the end I replaced the elekstube controller board with the ESP8266 itself and rewrote a control system for the clock.

    Since the device is a little network controller, I put a webserver in as the way to configure the device. E.g., once you know the clocks local/in-house ip address you can connect with your phone’s browser and configure the settings.

    The sketch is up at git:
    There are a couple of videos and images at that link.

    Some highlights:

    • 12 / 24 mode
    • Sync to NTP and TZ (like IBs.. Manual setting of the TZ is an option as well)
    • Time is displayed with the rainbow effect. Bright adjustment.
    • A couple of neat visual effects. E.g., Top-of-hour "go bright and then back to rainbow".

  • I really like this!

    I wish the Eleks guys would take notes on everyone's fixes to their clock.

    Good job bud!

  • @KenR, Well done. Have a look at my latest additions:

    Youtube Video

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