Missing features - including an App

  • I have been able to add all of the missing features to the EleksTube for under $15 in hardware.

    Have look at this video. If anyone is interested I will post the instructions and code.

    YouTube Video

  • Hey there,

    I would be interested. I have never done any kind of coding or programming, how difficult would this be for a total beginner? The wiring/soldering part wont be an issue.


  • @Sportster, Not too difficult to get setup. I will work on the setup documentation and post a link here to the GitHub page.

    Essentially, you just need to compile the code in the Arduino IDE and upload it to the ESP8266 board, connect to the WiFi hotspot created by the ESP8266 board with your smartphone/wifi connected computer, enter your WiFi SSID, password, timezonedb key, OTA password, Blynk auth key, Blynk host and Blynk port. The smartphone application is a Blynk app (http://blynk.cc). I will supply the QRCode for the app that can be loaded on your smartphone. The app on the smartphone will be all setup and ready to use. There are two ways to interface the Blynk app to the clock - use Blynk's servers on the internet, or use your own Blynk server.

    I am using a Raspberry PI as my own Blynk Server. This allows me to add as many Blynk Widgets to the application as I want. Each Blynk widget has a "cost" associated with it and if you use the Blynk hosted server, you only get a limited amount of credit added to your account (you can purchase more). If you use your own Blynk server you can assign any credit amount to your account on the server. The app I created exceeds the free amount of credit that you get if you use the Blynk server. Purchasing additional Blynk credits is not that expensive though.

  • I'm willing to give it a shot! Can't really use my clock for real time keeping right now anyways.

    Can you post a parts list needed for this project? I am also sending you a PM with my email address.


  • Here is the link to the GitHub page the explains how to implement the functionality.

    Parts list is included in the ReadMe.


  • I would like to report a bug with this as soon as the clock wakes up from sleep mode it displays the wrong time as it is behind by about ten minutes. I have used a Nodemcu board.

    Please look into this

  • Think I have fixed it by using the wemos board as recommended however the update RTC button doesn't work.

  • It still drifts after some amount of time.

    Please look into this.

  • Surely someone knows what's going on can somebody take a look at the source code and see what's wrong.

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