Problem with servo with drawing module

  • Hi all,

    I'm having a problem with the servo of the Eleksmaker drawing module.

    I bought an EleksLaser and I'm using T2Laser: up to now, no problem at all.
    I decided to buy the standalone drawing module to install it on the Elekslaser. I then cut the original 3-wire cable and applied a male connector (JST-like) for fast connection/disconnection; finally applied the respective female connectors to the 3-wire cables that came with the laser and the drawing module.

    Now, I read over the forum that it is necessary to:

    • Switch the 3-pin connector from the laser to the servo port of the ManaSE board (I own the 3.2 version), depending on what I mount on the bracket;
    • Change the T2Laser "default 1.1e" firmware to the "0.9i Eleksmana" one;
    • Switch between the Eleksmana Laser Mode (A0) and Servo Mode (A1) depending on what I mount on the bracket.

    I found out that I must use the EleksLaser (E1) configuration because if I apply the EleksDraw (E2) one the carriage starts to move diagonally when I try to use the jog controls.

    With this approach, whenever I use the Laser everything works flawlessly!

    Here we come to the problem...When I mount the drawing module the servo behaves strangely: with the laser power set to 50, the mount goes UP when I hit the LASER ON button; the mount goes DOWN when I hit the LASER OFF button; additionally, in this last setting the servo makes a buzzing noise and the lever hits the pen mount.

    I tried to both increase and lower the laser power but without any positive effect. When I try to send the g-code to the machine to try drawing something the machines obviously draws "negatively", which means that I end up with the travel lines rather than the actual drawing.

    What could be the solution? Am I missing something? Please consider that I checked the cables multiple times just to make sure that I haven't inverted the wires.

    Thanks for the help!

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @Randal-Graves You need to set laser max to 35 for servo as that is ~45 degree rotation.

  • Hi Zax,
    I did try to lower to 35 the laser power but it didn't help.

    The problem is that the pen raises when it should stay down and vice versa. That's why when I hit the Laser ON button the mount goes up. It basically works the other way around! It seems as it's working with inversed polarity 0-5 V (but I checked the wirings and they seem fine).

  • Okaaaaay, so...I checked the voltage on the board pins and re-checked the wiring on the servo: everything works as it should.

    I disassembled the mount to get to the servo connections and I noticed that the small plastic lever has a screw in order to keep it fixed on the servo shaft. Do you really think it's that easy? That whoever assembled the lever just installed it in the wrong position?? Hell yes!

    I just rotated the lever counterclockwise about 45° and reinstalled the whole it works great! So in the end it was just a mechanical problem...


  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @Randal-Graves That was my next guess, I think there's some incorrect instructions floating around as you are not the first person to have it assembled like this.

  • I tried this but I can't get any movement in the draw module at all.

    I am guessing my problem is with the wiring as the laser module keeps on working (I am using the direct machine control and switching between laser and draw module).

    Any pointers? I connected the servo to the servo pins as specified (tried both ways).

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @Devler You need to disconnect the laser, they share the same D11 output and can't be used together. When you change the firmware from laser to servo mode it is important to have the correct hardware configuration as enabling laser with the servo connected will cause it to over drive and damage internal gears.

  • @Zax Thats exactly what I did. Disconnected the laser module and connected the draw module.
    I connected it to the servo outlet but it seems I can't get any movement in the draw module.

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @Devler Have you tried another servo? Sounds like it must be bad, if the laser works you know the output is OK.

  • I guess I will have to assume the servo is dead. I'll look if I can test if this happens to be the case and maybe order a new one.

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