Engraving Aluminium

  • Hi folks!

    I have just tried to engrave something in an aluminium plate (50x20 mm).

    I was not very confident on having a good result, but to my surprise it finally came out quite good.

    I used a black edding 500 permanent marker pen to paint the surface to engrave first, let it dry for 1/2 min (yes, I hace no patience at all 😅) , then engraved and to finish I used solvent and a soft cloth to remove the black paint.


    2.5W Elekslaser
    T2 Laser
    Resolution 0.1
    black edding 500 permanent marker pen

    As you can see in the photos below there is not much difference when using different speeds. I also tried with 2 passes and still not much difference.

    Hope it helps for your future engravings!!



  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @alvar0.ga That looks really good, it's amazing what you can engrave with these low power diodes.

  • Well, i done this today and when i remove the black paint, the engraving disappear easily.


  • Secondo me è solo vernice del pennarello bruciata, basta pulire bene e tutto scompare

  • Wow, It surprised me....
    I thought I couldn't engrave ANY metal materials with 2.5W laser.

    Thanks a lot for REALLY good information.

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @MightyBear It's not really engraving the metal but it does add pigment to the surface. There are commercial products like Cermark / Thermark that do this but they are expensive, using acrylic paint or markers is a cheap alternative but a bit hit-and-miss on results. I make a solution from brasso cleaning fluid and alcohol that seems to work well with my CO2 but not so good with the diode laser.

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