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  • Hey Zax, Figured I'd contact you here. Looking for answers and google doesn't seem to help. My endurance laser came in, and I'm having an odd issue with it. You can read the post here, I'm on my wifes FB account as "Ellie Mae"

    but the issue is that when I'm engraving an image the laser stops mid Y axis line and when it does it seems to think that is now the end of the line and goes back but goes back farther than it should throwing off the alignment of the issue. If I let the image go some lines will be to the left of center and some to the right and some right where they should be. Is the heavier laser throwing off the stepper motor? If Im not explaining it right theres pics on the link. Would be interested to hear your point of view. THANKS!

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    @tucker298 It sounds like your steppers have insufficient torque, either the mass of the laser as you mention or wires are snagging.

    The added weight causes considerable more inertia so you may need to use reduced acceleration and then dynamic laser power to compensate. The alternative would be to check the stepper drivers are at their optimum setting.

  • would upgrading stepper motors help?

  • @Zax Wires are not snagging so maybe its the weight, even the test circle is very unbalanced so I'm guessing its the weight of the laser? I did slow the laser down considerably (1500) to reduce weight transfer. How do I check the stepper drivers for optimum setting?

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    @tucker298 Not necessarily the feed rate but the acceleration / deceleration, you can't expect that mass to stop and change direction as quickly so enable reduced acceleration in the settings menu.

    Regarding the stepper current setup, there are plenty of posts and pictures showing this but basically you use a volt meter from ground to the pot wiper (carefully, don't press or you'll short it out) and set the reference voltage. Usually 0.3VDC for the X (single motor) and 0.6VDC for the Y (double motors) but you can increase that to 0.8VDC or even higher if you add a heatsink and fan to keep the driver cool.

    Theoretically these are 2A drivers so you could use 1.6VDC but I would not recommend it as they will fail quickly, keep around 1.0~1.2VDC max even if you have the heat sink and fan and they will last "forever". Just watch the motors don't overheat when idle, if you are using my defaults they won't as I power them down when not being used.

    The Endurance power supply is separate, correct? So the power supply for the machine (motors) is sufficiently rated.

  • Just an FYI Tucker, I am running an A3 with the Mana Se board with the rather heavy Z axis add on, and it runs without any issues with 0.7v on the pot wiper. Is was also running well at the default setting 0f about 0.4v before I extended the rails. SO not sure you problem is strictly power. Unless you have the belts VERY tight.
    Hope that helps


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