laser etching over a curve

  • yet another exsample of the versatility of the rotary add-on unit.0_1552719209307_IMG_20190315_171414.jpg

    Note the rollers are on the sides and if the arms were crossed over the size of the object to be laser etched would be that much greater


    I now have a unit in stock for immediate delivery.

  • Any chance on you releasing the STL's for the printed parts? :D

  • @Aaron-Labiosa you are kidding me right, I spent hours designing this and getting the parts right and you want a copy, yep fine send me £40 and their yours Tug

  • Your answer is understandable, but Aaron's question was legitimate ...
    Have you ever heard of "Open source" ? Luckily enough for all of us, Arduino's team has a different approach !

  • @tug Does your motor/chuck assembly tilt so that a top edge of a taper is horizontal otherwise the distance between laser lens and work surface will vary as the spot travels along the taper?

  • @smokeman I have not seen any unit that can tilt as the bottle changes distance from focal point, I'm afraid mine does not either, any work I do on a bottle like that is usually confined in size the what ever the level area is, so what i'm say is, no it cannot tilt so keep the design size to enable the focus to remain, having said that a little slop has never given any problems so a slightly curved tumbler usually comes out ok.

  • @Gand' I am well aware of 'open source' and have submitted items for it but in this event I have designed and offering a complete working unit for sale, and as far as I know there are no manufacturers willing to give away the plans/designs for nothing even if they agreed to part with them. so although I understand your comment cannot see how it apply's to this occasion.

  • @tug I was reacting about your "You are kidding me right".

    I know several projects where someone sells a finished piece, but offers every information for other to make it for free !

    For example Makerfr's 3D printer : he sells the frame of the 3d printer, but all sketches are available for anyone to make their own !

    But i fully understand and respect your will to get paid for your work !
    (and i think your unit is impressive and price worthy !)

  • I think have a problem with the application. Please help me.0_1555408102981_6EF751BD-A397-4099-A227-633B3526A05E.jpeg

  • 1_1555408576348_B4DFC702-2ED2-40EA-95FB-238E1A066EE9.jpeg 0_1555408576346_9B1F2025-3443-49EA-91D0-66A2C188B795.jpeg

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @abdyng This is not relevant to the topic.

  • @Zax Thank you Zax can we remove that post to where it will be more help to the sender. and thanks for your admin overview. Tug

  • @Gand' I thank you for your comments and assure you I was only partly joshing about the fact that someone wanted all my files to make his own, however not much is made using my 3D printer, he's going to need a lath, CNC machine to enable everything to be manufactured plus all the nuts, bolts, 'E' clips and and quite a lot more to make up the complete unit, it's not beyond any engineers capability to design his own, I just happen to be among the first and my unit is not only simple to assemble and use, as you pointed out it is also priced at a level that most people would find it easier to purchase mine than spend weeks designing and manufacturing one for themselves. Tug.

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @tug I'm only admin for my T2Laser section, I have no control on these other threads. You may be able to delete posts since you created the thread, I'm not sure.

  • Hi Tug, how is the object centred in the chuck? I assume it is just 3 independent grippers? So just trial an error? Not difficult to get close enough I imagine?

    Where are you based by the way? Looks like something I may be interested in purchasing from you.



  • @Zax I now but need you because other topics not answered

  • This post is deleted!

  • @DavidF Hi David, sorry for delay been working my socks off decorating the house. and I hate decorating lol.
    I'm in the UK down south in New Forest, if your interested then give me a shout on email. Regards Tug

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