Continuous laser burn times

  • Hey guy's just went to run a test on some birch rounds and found my 2.5watt laser was kinda shot. Last thing i burnt was aprox 2.5 hours continuously. I once did a burn that was well onto 4 hours on the original 1.5watt so i didnt think continuously buring was an issue.

    Troubleshooting the laser i can get it to fire up on 12 volts if i wire it up backwards for a second then wire it normal andpower it up. But as soon as i cut power and turn it on again ot fails to power on.

    Going with a diffeent setup from banggood. New board and laser.

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    @nlantz79 When you say continuous are you talking about cutting at 100% power or engraving?

    I've done many engraving jobs over 12 hours on my 2.5W Eleks laser and it doesn't even get warm, which is what you would expect as the duty cycle isn't that high for most images (unless you have large areas of black). I don't do much cutting with it as I use a 40W CO2 for that.

    If you want a premium high power diode laser for cutting take a look at endurance lasers.

  • Just burning. !0_1550674268509_20190127_201217.jpg

    I think this pallet wood burn did it in. It didnt feel to hot.

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    @nlantz79 It may not be the diode, perhaps just a bad driver board but the best option is still a new laser module.

  • Odds are thats correct, if i wire it up to a 12 volt source reversed, "neg to positive", power it then wire it correctly, "positive to positive" it fires up once. As soon as i kill the power i need to rewire it backward again. Im gonna order a updated board "Mana 3" and a newer 2.5watt that has the driver on top. I need it to soon to wait on the 2.5 watt blue aluminum elekslaser to come from china.
    The old one only had power going to the laser unit and no ttl.

    On a side note the old board, drivers or such make a high pitched whine or screech when fired up, is that normal ?

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    @nlantz79 None of mine do, or I'm not able to hear it due to many years of damaging my hearing (motorcycles, guns... etc).

  • Ya time to upgrade, its an old knockoff eleksmaker L1

    ManaSE time.
    After i research how it works with your software

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    @nlantz79 It will work "as is" with the Eleks firmware or you can upload my Grbl 1.1e Default which improves performance and provides additional features.

  • @Zax naturally im going with yours :wink: thanks for the help.

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