How Do I Connect The Motor

  • I got the machine, spend a weekend to put it together, but I can not find any document how do I plug in the axis motor, I follow the youtube video but I got not thing move, the board have red led it light up that all I got now, can some one take a picture the main board and let me know how do I hookup my motors.

  • Hi CharliVN, if you look above the red chips on your board you will see written Y2 Axis Y1 Axis and X Axsis you put your Y Axis motor leads in the two as marked and the top motor fitted to the laser on the X Axis. this should sort your problem out.regards Tug

  • What a detailed answer.
    i was actually thinking about plugging the motor leads into the motor outlets.

    There are two problems:

    1. I have four outputs for three motors and logically i would connect the outlets to the corresponding outputs xyz. This is my first build and I don't get the y1,y2 thing. Mathematically the surface should be x,y and the z for the vertical axis. as on any of my printers.

    2. even if I'm plugging the motors to the wrong outlets, there should be any movement.

    don't understand why there are no first steps for eleksmaker newbies to get it running at first.

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @bug You need to use X, Y1 and Z. Y2 is a reversed output of Y used for machines with dual Y motors.


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