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  • Hello,
    I have a Elekslaser A 3.I use the T2 Lasersoftware(registered Version) I don't Know how can I start each Process from the same Position If I want use more Then one sheets of Material with the Same Dimension.Is there any Relation between the Position When I draw this in my AutoCAD Program And the Laser? I did try set Position Work Peace or try to set Home Position.
    Second Thing is the different Setting between different Materials. For Exampel I set 1 cutting slow or so And the laserpower Chance to 255,but I Need 1000 to cut Not to engrave. Maybe I did Not understand the whole Program.
    I hope my questions are understandable for somebody.
    Thank you very much.

  • Developer of T2Laser Software


    1. The default setting is for the origin in the CAD (0,0) to correspond with the workpiece origin (home position). When the job has completed your machine should return to 0,0 so you can change the material and start again.

    2. If you are using my firmware and parameters, 255 is maximum power but if you use other software or firmware the Grbl parameters may be changed in which case 1000 may represent laser max. You would usually adjust feed rate to burn more or less but you can also change power, it is more optimized to keep power at max.

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